Help for Family Members

in-Memory will set up a
Memorial Fund, for anyone that asks,
within one hour or less

Any member of the family can establish a memorial by filling out the online Memorial Application.

We will immediately set up the online memorial and send back a link, via e-mail, to the person who filled out the application.

  • The family then shares the online memorial through social media connections.
  • A few weeks (or months) later the family must decide where to send the memorial funds.

Where can donations be sent?

  • to another non-profit, church, mission, charity or foundation,
  • to a program like Helping Hands Ministries. Helping Hands must first qualify the family for charitable funding. If the family qualifies, then donations can be used to pay various family expenses until the money is depleted,
  • directly to the family, but we must send the recipient a 1099 for tax purposes,
  • to a local church operating a benevolent fund for the family.