Our Program

in-Memory enables someone to read about the passing of a friend and immediately write a note and make a donation in their memory.

100% of all donations received are distributed
in collaboration with the family

All messages are communicated to the family
along with a list of all the donors.


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Family, Pre-planning, Ministers, Funeral Directors

How can the donation money be used?

  • Funds can be sent in memory of the loved one to various non-profit organizations: a church, mission, charity or foundation.
  • Or, funds can be sent to a local church operating a benevolent fund for the family.
  • Or, funds can be used for personal family needs through Helping Hands Ministries. Helping Hands must first qualify the family for charitable assistance. If the family qualifies, donations can be used to pay personal expenses, including hospital and funeral bills, until the funds are depleted.
  • Or, funds can be sent directly to a family which does not qualify for charitable assistance, but a 1099 will be issued for tax purposes.